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About Print Liberation


Print • [print] • verb to apply with pressure so as to leave an indentation, mark, etc.

Liberation • [lib-uh-rey-shuh n] • noun • freedom from limits on thought or behavior.

Don't Give Up (Print Liberation's First T-Shirt)


Print Liberation was founded by two high school friends, who met skateboarding, both loved listening to Metallica and worked part-time at a screen printing shop in Dayton, Ohio, printing merchandise for local bands and companies. In 1998, they decided to take matters into their own hands and start a company, that offers poetic missives and graphic truisms, hand screen printed on quality apparel and fine goods.


The hilariously complex, yet visually simple, language, screen printed all over Print Liberation’s apparel & goods, emerges from a mishmash of:

CNN®, MSNBC®, CBS®, Meghan Kelly, Abraham Lincoln, HBO GO® passwords, episodic Netflix® addiction, sloppy advertising decks for clients who know the word "Banksy", squished PowerPoint® images with drop shadows, Etsy® gone wild, Mike Kelley instructing Martin Kippenberger on how to use Mod Podge®, Jeremy Scott's diary, rare music that hasn't been made, historical epileptic seizures, chronic YouTube® triangles, sepia mustard pixels asking for a like, Award winners, Dayton Ohio x Philadelphia x Brooklyn x Zipcar®.

Wear Print Liberation if you want to bathe in existentialism, and feel: good, happy, dope, awesome, sexy, handsome, gorgeous, tall, proud, cynical, young, liberal, hungry, late, funny, proud and/or loud.


Chloe Sevigny I Survived The Bush Administration by Print Liberation


It's our rally cry.

Whether banding together, or as righteous subcultural loner: against injustice in general, police brutality, the climate crisis or just the whole future of the human experience. It all depends on how much of yourself you bring to it. 

It can start with direct democracy or even being crazy at a party. The point is just to pump up the volume. If anyone criticizes the way you live and who you are, raise your voice. 

Its more than a rebuttal against the cliched advice not to not wear your heart on your sleeve. The medium is the message. Other memorable cliches: Stand up and be counted. Don't go wearily into the night. Carpe diem. Rock out. Spill drinks and change the world. Fight the powers that be. Steal back the message. Make your own democracy. Bring the inside out. Raise money, Raise hope, and Raise yourself up.



Our shirts are authentic, because they are printed using the 1000 year old technique of screen-printing. To guarantee an amazingly comfortable t-shirt experience, we use soft fabrics, and print with quality eco-friendly inks. Once washed, our inks become soft to the touch. We print exclusively on soft American American shirts, resulting in a 100% American made product. Every order is freshly hand screen-printed in our Philadelphia print shop and studio.



Print Liberation joined forces, to create, a much needed, quality screen printing kit company named, DIY Print Shop®

DIY Print Shop is unique because it offers premium screen printing kits at an affordable price. We've packaged our years of experience into high quality, easy-to-use, comprehensive DIY screen printing kits, which liberate you from the learning curve and unnecessary trials and errors and gets you screen printing in no time at all. All DIY Print Shop® kits are fully packed with well-crafted, high quality, screen printing tools selected by Print Liberation, & manufactured in the USA.

For more on DIY Print Shop® visit:


We’re not your typical agency. We live inside the belly of the millennial sub-cultural beast; and like clandestine operatives, we’re constantly gathering intel, and insight from our fellow cohabiters: the tastemakers. Our 18 years of experience, has led to the creation of our trademark tool - a HIGH-DEFINITION-4K-3D-ULTRA-TASTEMAKER-MILLENNIAL-LENS™ - that provides us with a crisp iMAX view into the future of [consumer] culture. Our know-how and trademark perspective, has attracted a wide array of clients, from megalithic brands, like Nike® and Urban Outfitters®, to fresh companies, like It's Nice That®.

Print Liberation Agency was formed back in 1998, and has since accumulated a - X-Men like - team of brand strategists, existentialists, sculptors, filmmakers, printmakers, performance artists, writers, theorists, designers, philosophers, and esoteric thinkers; all with deep roots in advertising, entrepreneurialism, fashion, music and the art world.

Print Liberation Agency is a full-service agency that works at a colossal intersection of art, branding, design, entrepreneurialism, social marketing, brand strategy, advertising, marketing, experiential, brand incubation, and commerce - we are self labeled Brandgineers.